Photos Needed!

As shown in the sample of our illustrious classmate George, we intend to have a slide show that shows “Then and Now” photos of those who are attending the reunion in October.  We are going to have ONE page per person as shown on the sample.

sample slide

In order to do this, we need photo(s) of you as you are now — perhaps with your family, perhaps doing one of your favorite things, at your job, getting an award, or perhaps just a great headshot that you happen to have now.  It’s up to you!  But remember, since it is only one page, the more pics you send, the smaller each pic will be, and to keep the work down for us, there should be NO MORE THAN FOUR.  Also, since these will be projected up on a large screen, the pictures should be good resolution when sent (but not too big or the computer will choke!) The slideshow will also be posted to the reunion webpage after the party.
We have your “Then” picture from the yearbook, of course, so no need to dig for those.
Please send pictures in any of the following formats: .jpg, .pdf, .eps, .psd, .tiff format.  Please keep file sizes under 500 mg.
PLEASE name your pictures in the following format:  lastname_firstname_pic1.jpg, lastname_firstname_pic2.jpg, etc.
Please send the picture to  Please do NOT send the pictures to any other email, even if you have an email for one of the reunion committee members, and please follow the naming convention or we cannot guarantee we will be organized enough to include it (LOL!)
Thanks!  We look forward to seeing you at the Class Reunion!